COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics in Holyoke, starting April 7

Beginning Wednesday, April 7, and weekly thereafter, the Holyoke Senior Center will host COVID-19 vaccination clinics as part of the Vaccine Equity initiative.

The first clinic will have 400 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine of which only one dose is needed.

The following clinics are expected to have the same number or more of doses available.

As part of this effort, the Behavioral Health Network will also offer vaccination clinics at different programs and agencies throughout Holyoke that provide resources to the most vulnerable and at-risk populations.

These vaccination clinics will operate through a partnership between the Holyoke Board of Health, the Holyoke Senior Center, Action Ambulance, and the Holyoke Community College Nursing Program.

These vaccines have been provided by the state to reach the 20 communities most affected by COVID in Massachusetts.

Vaccines are available only to Holyoke residents who are currently eligible in Phase 2, Step 5 of the vaccination plan that includes individuals 55 years of age or older and residents with a health condition.

Starting with the third clinic, on April 21, all Holyoke residents will be eligible to access the vaccine.

If you are an eligible Holyoke resident and want to make an appointment to get vaccinated, you can call the Senior Center at 413-322-5625.

High-risk individuals will be given priority, but all eligible residents can call and schedule an appointment.