Food Funds for Kids 0-5 Years Old on SNAP

Check your SNAP EBT card on March 25th for Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) funds.

In early April, look for a one-time special payment for October-January.

Food Funds for Kids 0-5 Years Old on SNAP

Will I get P-EBT?

You will get P-EBT if you have an infant or child 0-5

years old, AND your family gets SNAP benefits.

More information:

•Eligible children will receive either $68.20 (hybrid) or $136.40 (fully remote) per

month. The amount is based on whether MOST school-aged students getting P-EBT

are in a hybrid or fully remote learning situation each month.

•You can use P-EBT funds and also get food from grab and go school meal sites.

How & when will I get P-EBT for kids 0-5 on SNAP?

Check your SNAP EBT card for funds on the 25th of each month for the month before.

Don’t have SNAP? Apply!

Apply for SNAP for monthly food money - and get P-EBT if eligible.

During COVID, the monthly SNAP funds are higher! For example, if you get SNAP as a family of 3, you will get $616 per month - $782 for a family of 4!


SNAP received on behalf of others (like your citizen child) is NOT considered in

a public charge test.

SNAP is here for families at any time - during the pandemic and after.


Many rules have changed because of COVID-19 and it is easier to apply now.

Visit online Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) at

Or you can call 877-382-2363